Music with ambience

Concert series at the Villa Blavius  in Dissen

Guest of honor in this evening was the Italian consul Alfredo Casciello , who appeared enthusiastic ally about the atmosphere on the event…where the „Günther Sanin Quartett“ from Verona was  playing for the first time in Low Saxony and spoiled the ears with classical music, opera and soundtracks…

The chandelier vibrated and the audience hung on her lips when Claudia Oddo let vibrate her soprano voice.

Oddo was distinguished in 2013 in Italy as one of the new voices of the opera world. Still fulminating it became on Friday as Oddo’s choir entered the hall and smashed Ennio Morricone’s „Nella fantasia“…“

Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung August 18th 2014

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