“The fervor with which the soprano performed the song (Ave Maria Piazzolla) was impressive.” Ahlener Zeitung 10.12.2018 Reinhard Baldauf

Christmas concert of the AWO electrified the Paul-Gerhardt Church /Great Claudia Oddo

The singer with Italian roots was on this concert evening all in one person:Soprano, conductor, who was also the artistic director, and presenter …The tumultuous applause belonged to the scarlet-dressed star with the expressive voice that is actually at home in the opera house.But Claudia Oddo is a multi-talent.

Westfälische nachrichten 12.12.2017

“For the interpretation of the love song by Nino Rota from the film” The Godfather “the soprano earned unending acclaim right from the start. The expressive voice filled the entire church space.- In the medley from the musical “Westside Story” Oddo showed her great talent as a conductor. “

Die Glocke, 12.12.2017

Claudia Oddo and friends invite to the art event

Her powerful soprano has clearly gained in differentiated expression, sentiment and intensity. As she raises up to dramatic heights from the darkness of the Amelia (masked ball), she shows great versatility and authenticity. And also the softly debilitating vitality of the “Traviata”, the desperate hope of the “Butterfly” or the warm mezzo-sensuality of the “Dalila”, come out lightly from the singer’s throat.

Westfalen-Blatt, Uta Jostwerner, from 10.10.2016


Music meets art: Claudia Oddo with guest artists a multimediales event.

Claudia Oddo delighted with sparkling interpretations of some of the most beautiful opera arias … She performed the aria “Sì, mi chiamano Mimì” from Puccini “La Bohème” with voluminous voice, expressing the sad mood.

Neue Westfälische, Claudia Viotto, from 10.10.2016

Claudia Oddo has presented her third CD with “Sacred Music”.

With voluminous, well-trained soprano voice, Claudia Oddo sings the only, recurring titles, musically in many ways and in a longing way mediating a prayer-like intimacy. While listening to her powerful performance of the “Ave Maria” from Mascagnis opera “Cavalleria Rusticana”, you feel transported into the opera hall. Here the singer, who lives in Bielefeld, also convinces in the high notes.

Another delightful interpretation is provided in the “Panis Angelicus” with shading for the smallest changes of mood. Vibratos are used subtly and appropriately …

Neue Westfälische, Claudia Viotto, March 2nd 2016 (photo by Denis Karabasch)

Bad Salzuflen: The opera singer Claudia Oddo has a big fan base in the spa town. With her full voice, Claudia Oddo effortlessly fills the church space, sings caressingly and tenderly, then changing to the powerful Fortissimo. Even the very high tones she articulates them seemingly effortless and full of verve … very voluminous and moving is also the “Agnus Dei” by Bizet … The audience does not even dare to breathe with Oddo’s interpretation of Morricone’s aria “Nella fantasia”

Lippische Landeszeitung November 2015


Concert series at the Villa Blavius  in Dissen

Guest of honor in this evening was the Italian consul Alfredo Casciello , who appeared enthusiastic ally about the atmosphere on the event…where the „Günther Sanin Quartett“ from Verona was  playing for the first time in Low Saxony and spoiled the ears with classical music, opera and soundtracks…

The chandelier vibrated and the audience hung on her lips when Claudia Oddo let vibrate her soprano voice.

Oddo was distinguished in 2013 in Italy as one of the new voices of the opera world. Still fulminating it became on Friday as Oddo’s choir entered the hall and smashed Ennio Morricone’s „Nella fantasia“…”

Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung August 18th 2014

„She is quite absorbed in her interpretations and has a quality that is rarely found in young singers today: a fiery temperament coupled with a deeply moving high sensitivity. She sings with a poignant voice, in the style of the great Italian tradition, but also with her heart. A beautiful promising business card!“
www.forumopera.com by Jean Marcel Humbert December 27th 2013